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Understanding Billing Preferences

Billing preferences govern the arrangement of lines items on the invoice screen when you bill an Action.

Note: Your Actionstep system contains default billing preferences which will be typical of your type of business, so you only need to adjust these settings if you require a different layout

There are four categories of lines items that you can apply settings to:

  1. Time Records
  2. Disbursements
  3. Purchases
  4. Fixed fees

For each category you can specify: 
  • Whether the category should be shown as a separate heading on the invoice
  • The heading title
  • The order in which the heading should appear on the invoice
  • A default income account and tax code
  • The date the items should be ignored before

Setting Billing Preferences for Action Types

If you want different invoice layouts for different action types then you can set these in the Action Type editor.

Changing your Billing Preferences

This is an advanced topic. Click here to see how to change your billing preferences.

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