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It is possible to scan documents directly into your Actionstep system if you have a scanner capable of scanning to email and with the ability to modify the subject line via the keypad.

How It Works

The scanner interface email to send the scanned documents directly into your Actionstep system. The scanner operator will enter the Action (Matter) ID into the subject line via the scanner keypad. The subject line will be pre-configured with the "Folder=" directive which instructs Actionstep to strip the attachments and load them as action (matter) documents. You can scan to specific folders within the action (matter) by modifying the "Folder=" directive (for example "Folder=Deeds").

Actionstep Setup

  • Make sure you have configured Actionstep to receive email (see Setup Wizard).
  • Create a folder structure in each action (matter) type.

Scanner Setup

  • Create a default subject line ending with id=YYY:AAA folder=XXX 
    • YYY = your Actionstep Organization Key
    • AAA = the Action ID
    • XXX = the action folder you want the documents to end up in (leave blank for the root folder i.e. just have folder=).
  • Add your Actionstep email address to the scanner contact list

If your folder name has spaces in it then enclose the name in quotes
e.g. folder=/Client Documents/

Scanning a Document

  • Select "Scan to Email" (or equivalent, depending on scanner model)
  • Select the Actionstep email address as the recipient
  • Enter the action (matter) ID at the end of the subject line
  • Scan
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