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For general use of Dashboards see: Dashboards

You can access the Dashboard setup screen under the Admin menu: Admin > General > Dashboards.

There are two parts to this screen: the Dashboards and the Defined Panels. The Dashboards are the various views that you create while the panels make up what is displayed in each dashboard. You will need to define your panels before you can add then to a dashboard.

In a nutshell, you need to first define your panels then add them to a dashboard. If this is your first time looking at Actionstep's Dashboard features then it might pay to create a dashboard with all panels to start with so you can get a better understanding of what each will show.


You can create a new Dashboard by clicking the link. This will take you to a screen where you are prompted to enter in the Dashboard's name, description, order and version. The order will determine how they appear in a menu. If you have users who will have access to more than one dashboard a dashboard with a lower order number will appear above one with a higher number. The version controls of the dashboard will be a traditional or graphical dashboard. Graphical panels (panels that display information in graphical format can only be added to Version 2 Dashboards.

Once created Dashboards will display in the table.

Edit Dashboards details

You can edit the name, description, order and version of a dashboard again by clicking on its name in the third column or clicking on the edit button  in the second to last column.

Edit the Panels viewable on a Dashboard

Under the Panels column there is an Edit link. Click on this to see the panels that are configured to this dashboard already and to add in other panels.

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Editing Existing panels already linked to a dashboard

You can change the order of the panels and an individual panels width and height of a panel by clicking on its name or the Edit icon.

You can remove the panel by clicking the red cross icon .

Adding another panel to a dashboard

Use the Attach Another Panel section to firstly. choose the panel name then choose what display order it should be put in. 

Display order, like all order system's in Actionstep will show a panel with a lower number before it shows a panel with a higher number.

Delete a Dashboard

You can delete a dashboard by clicking on the red cross in the last column of the dashboard.

Defined Panels

Actionstep has a number of panels that are available to include in your dashboards. Before you can add them you have to select them as a definable panel. Actionstep has given these names by you can choose to give them your own name, giving you control over how they are displayed. You can also define how big they are. 

Create a new Defined Panel

Click the  link to create a new one. You will be prompted to enter the Panel name (how it displays), a description, what pre-configured panel you want to display, a URL for your own panel and the Width and Hight of the panel.

The panels available under the Panel drop down list will decrease each time you define a panel that you have not defined previously. Already defined panels will drop from the list. Panels can have a width and height of either 1, 2 or 3. Basically this lets you choose how much of the screen is taken up by the panel. 

Edit an existing Defined Panel

You can change any of the details of a defined panel by clicking on either its name in the Defined Panels list or clicking the Edit icon .

You can delete a defined panel by clicking on the red cross icon . You cannot delete a Defined panel if it is being used in a dashboad at the time. When you delete a defined panel you will still have the option to create a new one of the same type. 

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