Upgrading to the New Platform

At the beginning of 2018, we announced the release of a significant upgrade to Actionstep’s billing system known as Enhanced Billing Mode or EBM. 
EBM required fundamental changes to Actionstep, so we decided to work on a separate build to ensure that you could keep using ‘classic’ billing without any disruption.

Now that the main development phase is complete, we encourage your firm to move to the latest build of Actionstep, known internally as ‘Early Adopter' (EA). The EA platform is no longer just for early adopters - it's super reliable, has the most recent updates, new user interface improvements, and more.

New features:

Improved navigation and interface 

Put simply, everything looks nicer. Corners are slightly rounded and fonts are changed to make the whole thing more presentable, faster to navigate and easier to understand.  Some of the new design features include, but are not limited to:

  • The ‘Global create’ button provides you with an intuitive button to add data to your system.

The global create button moves the options that were found under menus to create a new items to one place. For example, in the screenshot above, instead of creating a new email by going to the Email menu at the top of the screen, or the email menu on a matter, you can go to one place, the create button in the top right of the screen to create any new item. See Global Create Button for more details.

  • Improved ‘My Profile’ screen
  • Improved and easy-to-use import tool
  • Redesigned admin screens

Easier administration screens

Consolidated admin screens make it easier to find the settings and customization tools that your firm needs.  With helpful new layouts and explanations built into the system, you won't find yourself wondering what a setting is or whether to populate a field.  We have also streamlined the system configuration process by pre-setting preferences based on your business type and region.

Improved data import tool

We have streamlined the process of importing into Actionstep.  Our new tool offers increased flexibility when mapping fields and more intuitive troubleshooting.  You can now import additional data types such as unbilled time (work in progress) and accounts receivable.  If you do need to reprocess your import, you can roll it back quickly and easily. 

Click Here for more information on our new data import tool. 

Early adopter function for new features

Have you heard about a new feature you're chomping at the bit to try?  Turn on our new feature preview option and choose the features that you want to test drive before they are widely released.

Banking upgrade

We have introduced a more modern and interactive layout with graphical displays. 

You asked and we listened... a new transaction screen allows you to view all transactions into or out of your operating account.  Access the same information but with new navigation and improved visuals.

Matter type converter

Our new matter type converter allows users to convert an existing matter to a different matter type.  Ensuring you don’t lose any notes, documents, or emails while converting your matters.

Phone call recorder

Track your phone calls quickly and easily!  Now your digital and phone conversations are included in a consolidated "comms" tab. 

Improved deposit slips

A simpler way to create deposit slips within Actionstep.  Choose which deposits should be included and which should be omitted. 

2-step authentication

The most common cause of a data breach is the exploitation of a lost or weak password.  Add extra security to your Actionstep database.  With Actionstep’s 2-step authentication opportunistic hackers need more than just your username and password to access your data. 

Click Here for more information on 2-Step Authentication. 

Custom external reporting

Our new custom external reporting tool grants you the ability to create your own external reports and dashboards based on the data within Actionstep.  Export all the important information from your Actionstep to your own server so that you can build and run your own customized reports and dashboards.

Click Here for more information on our new custom reports feature

Moving to Enhanced Billing Mode

If your firm is not ready to start using the new EBM features yet you can still switch over to EA and just turn on EBM when you’re ready.

The upgrade is completely free and nearly instantaneous, but we do recommend that all users are logged out during the change.

To request your free upgrade, please contact our support team here.