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A table describing the attributes of the resource. This table has the following columns:

FieldThe attribute name
DescriptionA short description of the attribute
FormatThe format that Actionstep requires the attribute value to be in when creating or updating resources. See Formats.
RequiredIndicates if the attribute is required when creating or updating a recourse.
Field TypeIndicates the type of attribute when requesting a resource. An attribute with the type "default" will be returned automatically with a resource request; whereas, an attributed with the type "additional" must be requested specifically if it is to be returned as part of the resource. A "link" type indicates that the attribute is found in the links attribute of the resource and relates to another resource. This relationship can be either one-to-one or one-to-many (represented by example values of "1" and "[1,2,3]" respectively).
NotesHelpful information - particularly in regard to required logic and constraints when creating or updating resources.
Link Templates

A table of resources, with its corresponding URL templates. The items in this table are primarily comprised of linked resources that are referenced in the resource object, or where the primary resource is referenced in additional resources.


The following table is a list of formats that are used in this documentation to describe the form a value should take when creating and updating resources. Each format has a base type of either: string, number, boolean or null. Additionally, the string base type supports a length option. For example, "string(5)" denotes that the max length of the value is 5 characters.

FormatBase TypeExampleNotes

decimal(precision,length)number12.6Custom decimal number that doesn't conform to our other specified decimal formats.
currencynumber13.10Decimal number with a set precision of 2 and a set length of 10.
timenumber15.82Decimal number with a set precision of 2.




string"T" or "F""T" indicates true and "F" indicated false.